Women: A guide to protect against falling prey to financial manipulation

✅Implement a custom game plan to take control of your financial future.

✅To learn what it takes to break free from having to financially rely on anyone else.

✅Steps you can take to avoid becoming a burden for your kids.

✅Develop into the woman your children and grandchildren want to emulate.

You're invited to meet the woman who wrote the book that's helped 1000's of women remain in control of their money.

  • If you have ever laid awake at night worried about the future.

  • Afraid you'll run out of money in the retirement.

  • Or wondered who will look after you if YOU ever get sick.


Meet Kim Scouller, the author of "how Money Works for Women - Take Control or Lose It"

Location: The How Money Works Learning Center

765 The City Dr. South Orange, CA 92868

Monday March 18th, at 6 p.m.

Men are also invited to join the dicussion.


Includes Hors D'oeuvres, refreshments, meet like minded women who are making history and join the discussion with Kim.

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Optional Upgrade for $15:

Includes a copy of Kim's best selling book "How Money Works for Women - Take Control or Lose It".

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About Kim

Kim is recognized as a leading advocate for women and their finances. She has been an attorney for 30+ years and has served as in-house counsel for one of the largest financial services companies in the world.

Kim recently co-authored a book with Sharon Lector called "How Money Works for Women - Take Control or Lose it," a tremendous book designed to help women remain in control of their money through every stage of their financial life.

Kim is excited to personally meet you and join this timely discussion in Orange County, CA.

Date and Location

When: Monday March 18th, 2024

Where: The O.C. How Money Works Learning Center at 765 The City Dr South, Orange, CA 92868

6 pm: Mixer and Refreshments

7 pm: Discussion

8:15 pm: End